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immigration in 1800's

Ellis Island Info:
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Ellis Island Info:
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Welcome to Ellis Island!!!

  In early 1800's:
Ellis Island is an island where immigrants from Europe landed in early 1800's. in early 1800's Ellis island received thousands of immigrants a day, each with certain disease or disability. Then they had to wait a long time to get to the Registry Room. And then if they had a disease that can't be treated at that time period they would send the person back to where he/she came from, and if only the child has the deseas they would send back the child and only one parent back home with them.

  Ellis Island now:


Since 1954 the station has been closed, and has been turned into a museum. It has stuff that immigrants brought in 1800s. Do you know if your ansester was the one of the immigrant that came to USA in 1800? Well to find out they have a last name search that you can search on  if you ever go there.