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immigration in 1800's

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time line
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1848: Pennsylvania became the first state to set a minimum age for factory work - age 12, and also restricted the work day to ten hours and limited the work week to 60 hours
1868: The Molly Maguires, a secret terrorist organization, perpetrated several murders in the anthracite coal fields until the leaders were arrested
1869: The Knights of Labor formed in Philadelphia
1872: Act of April 12, 1872, created the Bureau of Labor Statistics under the control of former Pennsylvania representative and abolitionist Thomas J. Bigham
1874: Act of May 11, 1874, abolished the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Created the Bureau of Industrial Statistics under the Department of Internal Affairs
1875: The Long Strike of 1875 occurred
1876: The first organized protest against child labor in Pennsylvania was led by the Knights of Labor and Workingmen’s party in Philadelphia
1877: Railroad riots in Pittsburgh occurred
1878: Pennsylvania's Standard Oil Company controlled 90% of the nation's refining capacity
1880: The Pennsylvania Railroad, with 30,000 employees and $400 million in capital, was the world's largest corporation
1883: Samuel Gompers founded the labor union that later became the American Federation of Labor (AFL)
1889: Factory Act of May 20, 1889, created the Office of Factory Inspection to judge the safety of industrial establishments and check for violations of child labor laws
1890: Sherman Anti-trust Act was passed
1890: United Mine Workers organized
1892: The homestead strike at Carnegie’s steel mill occurred
1895: Compulsory Education Act mandated that children between 8 and 13 years old attend school for at least four months per year
1897: Major coal workers strike organized by the United Mine Workers (UMW) led to the establishment of the 8 hour work day and wage increases
1899: The Factory Inspector had over 20 deputy inspectors in 20 districts